WikiLeaks – What’s Going On and What’s Our Stance

Dec 8, 2010 by

As most of you know, WikiLeaks is a digital-age whistleblowing site currently in the process of leaking thousands upon thousands of US embassy cables.

After many of what most sites called “fatal blows” to WikiLeaks, WikiLeaks started a mass-mirroring project and moved to

Today, a group known as Anonymous are targetting Visa and Mastercard (DDoS) due to their denial of payments made by people wishing to support WikiLeaks.

This group has been known to DDoS (Distribution Denial of Service) anti-piracy groups and anti-freedom of speech groups. Previous victims of such attacks include the United States Office of Copyrights, the MPAA and the RIA.

WikiLeaks had previous released hundreds of pages of Iraq and Afganistan war diaries as well as a video called “Collateral Murder” which shows the merciless and reckless murders of innocent civilians and Reuters employees by US troops.

The video shows US troops attacking people with cameras while unprovoked. Two children were injured by the troops.

All of this is causing controversy and a fierce discussion on Twitter.

The Twitter account of Anonymous was suspended today.

You would expect them to be smarter because they stand for free-speech and anti-censorship. That would make silencing them both anti-free-speech and censorship.

As if Twitter wasn’t bad enough, they’ve managed to basically go up to them and ask them to DDoS Twitter.

All of this is hard to digest and is indeed very complicated.

How’s My App is considered “press” and therefore, we support free-speech.

As a result of which (and I can not speak for our entire team of writers), most of our writers including myself support WikiLeaks and we believe that there is no way anyone is going to shut down WikiLeaks.

No matter what their intentions and what power and influence they have, they can not stop the fact that information wants to be shared and it’s in human nature to share information.

WikiLeaks can not be silenced.

WikiLeaks is not bad. In fact, it’s doing the world a favour. We all know that governments are untrustworthy. WikiLeaks is helping show us to what extent that greediness and corruption is.

WikiLeaks is doing what they do for all the right reasons whereas every one who wants them silenced are either conforming to pressure from governments or are governments.

Please help support WikiLeaks.

Either donate to them or join their mass-mirroring program making decentralized copies of WikiLeaks all over the web.

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