Windows Mobile on ARM — Last Hope For Microsoft

Dec 23, 2010 by

While smartphone giants are moving forward in making a fast, power saving device, Microsoft was still holding on to its classic hardware designs for smartphones that are capable of running their platform. After failing to create a platform that will work without issues on the hardware it was ported to, the company decided to take a step into success by porting Windows Phone to ARM – low power CPU. Nevertheless this could be a waste of time for Microsoft after a bad history with porting Windows NT 4.0 to every possible chip including the PowerPC Chip and the M.I.P.S Chip.

It seems that Microsoft doesn’t give up but blames the hardware supporting their platforms, ignoring the fact that Windows Mobile still needs a few important things to be done before it can be called a smartphone operating system.

Porting Windows Mobile to ARM could lead to an improvement in performance, but will lead to a disaster if the porting was not done the way it should. If the company is to blame hardware companies for not making good hardware, then everything will be in vain.
The question remains: is this move going to be followed by an extreme fix for their platform or will the company still blame the hardware for not being good enough for their platform?

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