[BREAKING] Another Untether Exploit Found by Hacker pod2g

Jan 29, 2011 by

Literally minutes ago, iPhone hacker pod2g found yet another untether exploit.

Whether or not it’d be used in anything soon is unknown but what is known is that it’d probably saved to prevent the waste of another exploit.http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/517/290111120216.png

Hey, another untethered vulnerability found ! :-)

The Chronic Dev Team is on a roll with all these new exploits. How long it would take to incorporate into a jailbreak is not yet known, but what seems certain is that the jailbreak scene is looking rooted for the next little while!

Stay with us for new developments!

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  • SeanKPS

    I thought the point of green poison was to streamline the implimentation of jailbreaks using these exploits. When geohot released his it only took really a few days to swap in his exploit to greenpoison. So what’s with all the delay?
    I’m not impatient. I’m content with a lime4.1 for a while. Just curious.

    • Possibly because they’re trying to fine-tune the exploit and find out how to
      properly implement it with Limera1n.

    • SeanKPS

      And I know this will be saved for 4.3 or another iPhone. I’m just referring to his other one that is still almost done