Apple Drops iTunes 10.1.2, Supports CDMA iPhone 4

Jan 28, 2011 by

Every time a new iOS update is out or a new device is out, Apple releases an update for iTunes prior to its release to enable support for the next release. This time the iTunes update came before the release of iPhone 4 Verizon, which uses a CDMA chipset instead of the GSM one found in every other iPhone 4.  According to Apple the update of  iTunes fixes a few issues iTunes had, while it adds support for syncing with iPhone 4 (CDMA version). The Verizon iPhone is to be released on February 10. Some iTunes updates are not safe for jailbreakers and unlockers, but I have experienced no issues in syncing. Some users are reporting issues in getting into DFU mode, so stay away until the official all clear is announced by the iPhone Dev Team.

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