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Call Me! V1.2.1 now includes turning on the screen when the call comes in. Fool your friends! Receive a (fake) phone call from someone you know, a celebrity, a famous person or a politician! (Enter their photo and a fake phone number in your contact list in advance.)

Schedule a (fake) phone call to give yourself an excuse to get out of a commitment or a meeting! Call Me! Generates a fake phone call from someone in your Contact list. This is NOT a real phone call. It simply rings with your selected ringtone and resembles a real phone call in that you must answer or dismiss it as you would a real phone call.

As it rings, it shows the large or small screen photo (depending on the photo size) of the caller (from your Contact List). It will ring until you answer or dismiss it. When you answer it, it then shows the answer screen photo of your contact as your real phone call does. That photo will stay on the screen until you end the call as you would in a real phone call. The main screen displays the Current Settings. Here you see the contact that will be “calling”, the time scheduled for the call and your selected ringtone. If you tap the Call ME! button at this time, this is the call that will be made. Or you can take the time to set up a call from a different contact, a different date & time or/and a different ringtone.

The status of a pending call is shown in the dashboard. Here you can also call up that call to cancel it should you choose. Preferences, from the Application Menu, allow you to set up defaults. Help is also available through the Application Menu. To learn more, go to our website to review the Help system which is the same as that built into the App.

My Blurb

Call Me! is an exciting app that I have been waiting to come to WebOS! I saw an app similar to this, and loved it, but it wasn’t on WebOS, and I had no hope of it coming anytime soon. But CES Associates changed all that! They brought a long awaited (at least by me) app to WebOS! I love the app, and love using it! It is a great way to get out of meetings, or to prank your friends when they are playing with your phone! It integrates all your contacts into the app, no need to make new ones for the app. This is a great app at a great price of only $1.99! Go get it here!


Usefulness: 5/5- Ever need to get out of those pesky meetings?Well then, this is an app for you! This is an awesome app because it has so many uses!

Design: 4/5- It could use a facelift on the Pixi side, but the developer is looking into that. On the Pre side, it is awesome! I love the app!

Value:4.5/5- At $1.99, not much can beat it, but we can all hope for the price to maybe drop for a sale. (Don’t we hope for that on all pay-for apps?)

Longevity:4.5/5- This app will hopefully be around for a while. With some minor adjustments, this could be around for as long as I can see for WebOS.

Originality:4/5- There is 1 other app kind of like “Call Me!” in the App Catalog, but at $2.99, the other app is no where near as good as “Call Me!” And there is an app on iOS similar to “Call Me!” I’m not so sure about Android, but I like the way the developer has made this app!

Overall: 22/25- Go get it, while its at such a great price!

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