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FTP On The Go PRO is a mobile FTP application available for the iOS App Store for $9.99.


An FTP client for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. View and edit HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/ASP, or other files on your server with its built in editor to change your website from anywhere. View images and documents (JPG, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, etc) too.

All the features of a desktop FTP client and more, all in an easy to use but powerful package. PRO features enhanced iPad support, letting you fully take advantage of the iPad’s large touchscreen–and works on your iPhone or iPod touch too.

Out of the office and need to edit a file? Need to view the latest document on the server? Have to upload new photos? Or maybe you’re sitting working at a your desk, but still want to use the most intuitive and easiest FTP program? FTP On The Go PRO can do them all, and more.

FTP On The Go has been Featured in Apple’s “iPhone in Business” Apps as well as chosen by InformationWeek as one of “10 Great iPhone Apps For Your Business”. Pro adds iPad support to make it even better.

Main Features…only a partial list!
★ Browse, upload, and download from your FTP server.
★ Download, edit a text file with the built-in editor, and re-upload your changes.
★ A built in web browser lets you see your changes without leaving FTP On The Go.
★ Find/Replace and Go To Line Number in the editor to make fixes fast.

iPad-only Enhancements include:
★ View and edit many files at once.
★ Save lots of typing with its Code custom keyboard addition on the iPad. Over 10 fewer key-presses for codes like yes.
★ Switch back-and-forth viewing full-screen with a tap.
★ Quick scrolling to fly through documents.

Documents and Files:
★ Store files on your iPhone or iPod touch to view, edit, or share.
★ Download to your stored files from either an FTP server, or from a website.
★ Wirelessly share access to the stored files; connect from a computer (or another iPhone) using either just a web browser, or an FTP client.
★ View documents and files right within the app. Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Numbers/Pages/PDF documents; log files; image; watch videos; play sounds/music.
★ Upload pictures from your photo library, or take a picture with the camera right within FTP On The Go* Images can be resized when you upload too.
★ Upload videos filmed with an iPhone 3GS*

And More:
★ All the usual file management commands: rename, delete, and move files.
★ Bookmarks make it easy to organize and visit all your sites.
★ A master password can be set for FTP On The Go to protect your valuable server login information.
★ It automatically uses FTPS for safe logins if supported by the server.
★ Advanced FTP features, like compression for data transfers, are fully supported.
★ Use CHMOD to adjust the permissions of the file on your server.

There are several videos on www.FTPOnTheGo.com that demonstrate features and benefits

* Not all features are available on all devices; for example a camera is needed to take photos.

Users of the iPhone and other mobile devices have been faced with a problem of epic proportions – how can I be productive while on the go?

If you’re like me and you’re a total tech geek, you probably have a website. Or some other type of content hosted somewhere in the world.

You’re reading through your tweets and suddenly, you find something totally cool that you absolutely must add onto your site. But… oh no! How can I access my files?

I’ve tried many FTP apps. (See FTPView – an FTP app that is insanely bad; it’s “Uploading” and “Loading” dialogs crashed my iPod) Needless to say, they were extremely bad. With about a quarter of the functionality of FTP On The Go PRO.

As of course, iOS is a very limiting platform, you would not have the full functionality of the computer. But you can get very close.

Opening the app, you are greeted with the start up screen and you go right into the app. You can login (and save your most frequently used sites!), you can view your Saved Files (all the files you’ve downloaded off the server),  Web View (which lets you view your site inside the app), Transfers (all uploads and downloads going on), and of course, Settings.

What did FTPView have? Plus (OMG New Folder and New File), and Camera Picture (OMG Uploading pictures!)

Once connected to the server, you have a variety of options. Options ranging from deleting files (which FTPView can’t do),  to renaming and moving folders. You can even set Permissions (CHMOD)! Something, needless to say, FTPView can’t do. You even have the option to refresh the directory, sort the folders and files and even download all files!

(Comparing to FTPView is a result of my enormous, much needed upgrade to such a magnificent app. Let’s just say whatever FTP On The Go can do, FTPView can’t, and leave it at that).

Tapping on a folder does take longer to load than FTPView does, but only a little bit. Tapping a file check marks it and an edit button shows up.

Editing a file is  very different from FTPView, where there’s only a slider changing the size of the font of the code you’re editing and a really complicated way to upload the edited file (which I learned the hard way; I ended up editing a file for a while and didn’t have it saved becase you have to press the more button and then Upload).

In FTP On The Go, there’s a Cancel and a Save (uploads the file; easier than FTPView) as well as  an option to change the encoding and find and replace text. You can even go to a specific line! Uploading files is a breeze, you can just tap any file in Saved Files and  press upload! You can share files with iTunes allowing you to upload practically any file onto a server – not just images.

All in all, FTP On The Go PRO is an amazing app. But it does have its issues; for example, sometimes randomly and sometimes right after you open the app after leaving it on multitasking and you try to change your directory, it brings you to your home directory. Though not a big problem, I’ve accidentally uploaded an index.php that was meant for a /subdirectory/ into the root folder – this blog was offline for a little while because of that.

Let’s see how this marvelous app scores!

Graphics: 5/5 – Not bad.
UI: 5/5 – Very easy to use, clearly laid out. I just wish there was the status bar.
Purpose: 5/5 – Very useful.
Creativity: 5/5 – Amazingly, an FTP app that doesn’t just let you edit .txt files.
Speed: 4.5/5 – Not as fast as FTPView when changing directories. But still. Amazing.
Appeal: 4.5/5 – High appeal to developers, no appeal to gamers.
Ease of Use: 5/5 – Very easy to use.
Longevity: 5/5 – This one is staying.
Entertainment: 5/5 – Surely I’m not the only one who finds HTML fun.
Value: 3.5/5 – Could be cheaper, FTP On The Go (not PRO) is available for just $6.99.
Total: 47.5/50 or 95% – Simply put, not FTPView. (That would probably receive 20%).

This may be the longest review I’ve ever written.

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