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Jan 1, 2011 by

OpenAppMkt is exactly it’s name. It is an open application market created for the distribution of web apps on iOS and Android. OpenAppMkt was created to give web developers the chance to distribute apps without an SDK or complex programming languages. All apps on the market run on a web page, meaning that most are required to be connected to the Internet to run.
Because HTML and all side languages (JavaScript, CSS, etc.) are the Internet standard, developers would not need to write Java and Objective C versions of the same app with the same functions to have cross-platform support. OpenAppMkt’s interface is very similar to that of the App Store’s, there are tabs for featured apps, app categories, and the top apps. A free account is required to use the “Manage” tab which allows you to view your installed and paid apps and view account details. To distribute apps on OpenAppMkt, a free developer account is required. Your web app will also need to be hosted on the Internet. Exempli gratia; my app, Connect 4 is available on OpenAppMkt but is also found at

Overall, I think OpenAppMKT is a great opportunity for web developers to create iOS and Android apps without an SDK, Java or Objective C. You can even make money on OpenAppMkt as you would in the App Store. 80% of profits go to developers. Install OpenAppMkt on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android device by going to

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