Why People Should Be More Patient

Jan 30, 2011 by

I have seen people insulting jailbreak developers on multiple occasions. They think that finding an exploit for a new firmware, or the new device is easy. It’s not. Developers spend hours, days, even weeks looking for a decent vulnerability, then they have to exploit it. After all that, they have to find a way to “inject” the jailbreak into your device. Not to mention the GUI, if it wasn’t for the GUI jailbreaks would be based on command line. (And who wants that?)

Don’t go insulting the developers, demanding them to hurry up; it will only make them take longer. Plus the fact that they work for free.

Why do you think George Hotz left Twitter? What about when the devs can’t take it anymore and they all leave Twitter? Who is going to help you with their jailbreaks? What if they stop making jailbreaks? These are questions you should ask yourself before sending that hurtful message to a hacker.

Let the devs take their time and wait. The longer it takes, the safer the jailbreak.

People like me, TheiDeviceGuru, iHaz3, CAPSL0CK0N, DinoD7, Fishyy15, pod3g, Dennis_Fan, HowsMyApp, etc. are not going to be able to help you with everything, because we are not the actual developers of the jailbreak tools, but you should ask us small questions that we will be sure to handle and answer to you with the upmost respect.

So please don’t rush the devs into releasing a jailbreak tool. Be patient, and wait.

And you guys can always count on HMA to inform you with the latest news in jailbreaking.

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