Piracy Protection in Next Redsn0w?

Jan 2, 2011 by

Following somewhat of a Twitter argument between iPhone developer chpwn and Dev Team member MuscleNerd over the need for the 4.2b3 IPSW, MuscleNerd hinted at a possible piracy protection or warning to be included in the next Redsn0w. A few methods suggested via Twitter include searching browser history, checking for Developer status, and a few others.

Though possibly effective at eliminating firmware piracy, members of the community cite possible privacy concerns as well as implementation of such measures will dramatically hinder the release of the software.

In addition, just as how Cydia can not prevent you from adding a pirate repository, Redsn0w can’t do much (theoretically) to prevent you from using the pirated IPSW.

People did suggest however that statistics can be sent to a server where it is analysed to provide hard facts on the amount of people using a pirated IPSW (which inevitably may show how much of the community are actual pirates) but it seems like a lot of extra work and development for nothing.

Where this may lead us, nobody (except the Dev Team) knows. But it has been stated (jokingly but truthfully) that if the Dev Team expects people not to pirate it, this jailbreak would help a very small group of people.

Your best bet is to probably wait until comex releases his untether exploit which is eight days overdue at the moment of writing.

It seems right now that jailbreaks/unlocks are becoming more and more complicated. If the Dev Team is running out of possible exploits, then Apple may finally be getting an advantage in this cat and mouse game.

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