Verizon iPhone — Why You Should Care

Jan 10, 2011 by

It’s practically beyond rumor at this point; the Verizon iPhone is coming Tuesday, January 11th (2 days from now). Some of you have been waiting for years, because you are stuck on Verizon’s ridiculous contracts. Others, don’t really care, because you are on AT&T. Well, if you don’t care, you should.

AT&T limits iPhone users at 2 gigabytes of data per month, with a hefty price tag of over $20 (with taxes). Verizon currently offers unlimited data for only 29.99, which is a huge step up from AT&T’s plans. Also, those of you who have the iPhone 4 may have issues with your antenna, and the so-called “grip of death.” Those problems will not be an issue on Verizon’s iPhone, because Apple has had over 6 months to refine the design of the iPhone.

Also, this iPhone may have Verizon’s new LTE (4G) network capabilities. This would bring blistering hot download speeds to the iPhone (sometimes above 15mbps!).  The Verizon iPhone will also be 6 months ahead in the Refresh cycle (or 6 months behind, whichever way you look at it).

We will be having a live-blog of the event on this site, come here on Tuesday, starting at 11AM.

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