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IMG_0223YouTubeToMP3 is a free application in Cydia from the BigBoss repo meaning you would require a jailbroken device to run this application.



This is a very simple but effective application. I was not really impressed of it because it is like all the other 100 Youtube to MP3 online sites except this one had mobile view and a built in downloader. So as I said, very simple but very good.

This app is really easy to use. All you will have to do is:

1. Go to YouTube in Safari and select “Desktop View” and search for a video and copy the chosen video’s URL.

2. Go to YouTubeToMP3 and paste the link in the bar and just wait.

3. You can play your MP3’s if you go to the Downloads tab.

You can also SSH them to your computer with iFunBox, etc. and then add them to your iTunes library.

The songs you download will be saved in: /var/mobile/Media/Downloads/

Graphics: 5/5 –Great!
UI: 4/5 – A very simple and typical iPhone app layout.
Simplicity/Ease of Use: 5/5 – Very easy to use!
Creativity: 1/5 – Very simple app.
Sound: 0/5 – No sounds.
Controls: 5/5 – Easy to use. Understandable buttons.
Speed: 5/5 – Really fast! Loads up fast and quits fast.
Connectivity: 5/5 – Really good! Takes under 30 seconds to download but may vary depending on your Internet connection.
Entertainment: 5/5 – The downloader itself is not fun but I bet your songs are enjoyable!
Value: 3/5 – Great application!
Total: 38/50 or 76%– Nothing to improve! It’s all there!

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