Apple Developing a Physical Television?

Feb 18, 2011 by

Apple Television

No, this is not an AppleTV 3. Instead, rumours surfaced in regards to a potential television Apple might be making — one with a screen.

In a new Apple job listing, it describes the job as:

Work on the forefront of new power management designs and technologies with the exemplary company consistently bringing innovations in the industry.

Apple then elaborates:

In this position, you will be part of pride developing innovative designs, which are implemented in products used by millions of people. The position primarily involves high-density offline power supply’s development for Apple’s next generation Macintosh platforms spanning from notebook computers, desktop computers, servers, standalone displays and TV.

No reference is made to the AppleTV, leading some to estimate that the tech giant may be putting pieces of this into an existing product rather than making just another TV. (Because Apple doesn’t just make phones, computers and music players.)

It doesn’t matter what they end up doing with this, what’s for sure is that they’ll have a hard time picking a name!

(via RedmondPie)