Apple Event To Be Held March 2nd

Feb 23, 2011 by

Following rumors that emerged earlier this week, several sources including ModMyi have reported that an Apple event is comfirmed to take place March 2nd at 10 AM. According to ModMyi, Apple has sent invitations including the date, time and location which is said to be San Francisco and included the phrase, “Come see what 2011 will be the year of.”

If there is indeed an event on this date, I am certain we will be introduced to the next generation of iPad. Now let me talk about what I expect from the next generation of Apple’s tablet.

Things like thinner, lighter and faster processor are pretty much givens with any new device, especially an Apple product. I think we will see a higher resolution screen but not a different size screen (yes this means no 7-inch iPad) because developers would have to go through the trouble of resizing images and text to fit the newer device.

One thing I see great potential in the new iPad is video and photo editing. With a large beautiful screen, I think that this may become one of the primary uses of the iPad. One of the reasons it is not so popular now is the absence of a USB port or SD card slot. I do very much expect is an SD card slot but the USB port is a bit iffy. Of course I don’t ever see a full size USB port coming, but instead a micro or mini USB port is probable.

One thing I d think is certain is a front facing camera. FaceTime made it’s first appearance on the iPhone 4 and has expanded all the way to the Mac. As FaceTime continues to grow, I think the FaceTime family of devices will grow as well.

These are just my personal opinions and are merely speculations not to be taken seriously.

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