Apple to Release a Budget iPhone?

Feb 11, 2011 by

It is said the device would be one-third the size of the newest iPhone and a hell of a lot cheaper too!

According to Bloomberg, Apple have been planning to release a slimmed-down model of the iPhone 4 for people who can’t afford the high-price.
The source said that it will be a third of the size and cheaper, but won’t have a home-button. It is also said to sell for $200 without a contract. The product will be so cheap because Apple is planning to sell this with the same processor, screen and components as the iPhone 4 as opposed to the new parts they were planning for the iPhone 5. The price also opens up the option for carriers to subsidise the cost, and offer it free on contract.

It is unclear yet to see that this will actually be released. All that has been confirmed is that there is a prototype.

It has been said that Apple has been planning for an internal sim card that will work with any network, this means opposed to being tied to one carrier, you will be able to pick your own carrier and install their settings on the internal sim card. There is also a rumour that it will be both CDMA and GSM compatible, which is looking more and more likely as the CDMA iPhone 4 came with a dual mode Qualcomm baseband processor and chipset.

If Apple does proceed with this plan, we are going to see a lot more iPhones around the place.

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