Cydia Blocked by Three Major Carriers

Feb 13, 2011 by

If you’ve been following iPhone legality over the summer of 2010, you would’ve known that Congress made a DMCA exception to jailbreaking, rendering it legal.

That exception though, is bound to the United States and carriers around the world are allowed to do as they please. Now, Three, a carrier in the UK and Ireland, has blocked Cydia’s servers from being accessed on their 3G network and China Unicom is reportedly blocking Cydia as well.

RedmondPie reports:

A new thing has happened today

I live in the UK and have an iPhone 4 on three…

You probably don’t know, but three blocks a lot of websites including Warez and ****.
However now, they have also blocked Cydia and I have attached a photo too to show it but it works fine on wifi.

This effects all three customers contract or PAYG and also cannot be unblocked unlike **** with a pin, like Warez its blocked for everyone.


Cydia blocked

Cydia Blocked (1)

So much for free speech and uncensorship. I guess these folks will have to go home and connect to their Wi-Fi network if they want a new theme!

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