Evidence Suggests iOS 4.3 Release on February 28?

Feb 14, 2011 by

iOS 4.3, the next major update to the iOS mobile software, is now rumoured to be released on February 28.

Rumours originally indicated that this next update was to hit today at 10AM PST, but it seemed this was not to happen. Now, new evidence found in everybody’s favourite iPad-only newspaper, suggests that iOS 4.3 may be released on the 28th.

Macerkopf, a German news site indicates that the Daily app shows the complimentary subscription period has been pushed to the last day of the month.

As you know, The Daily runs on subscription-based payments, a feature that Apple is set to be implementing in iOS 4.3. If iOS 4.3 is delayed, so will payments for The Daily.

So far, various reports are indicating different dates but what you can be certain of, is that unless News Corporation (the company behind The Daily) is feeling uber-generous to give everyone a longer free subscription, iOS 4.3 isn’t being released any time before then.

[via 9to5Mac]

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