Geohot Receives Donations from Microsoft?

Feb 27, 2011 by

Hacking legend George Hotz, aka Geohot, who has recently reached out for support in his legal standoff with Sony, has purportedly received donations from Microsoft.

Geohot, hated by large corporations such as Apple (who also have devices hacked by George), was recently the subject of a temporary restraining order and a lawsuit from Sony. No doubt however, the biggest scam artists in the world of tech have come to George’s rescue (shows how they spend our Winblows XP money).

Asking for donations and the spread of information, George begged for help against Sony, who have lawyers, and George — a young adult in New Jersey,

He allegedly obtained cash around $10 000 over the course of the weekend, and Microsoft reportedly contributed to a large portion of that.

An anonymous source close to George claims this is true, that Microsoft helped George cover his legal fees.

The drive, lasting two days, had ended George’s first round of donations. Hopefully, all donors will have helped George lead the world into a new age of digital freedom, based on what most believe, that we bought it, therefore we can do whatever we want with it.

Microsoft (and XP) may be a pain in the donkey, but we all love them for this. The first thing they’ve done right in a long time (my desk still refuses to flip over and reveal a new Windows 7 computer everytime I chant “To the cloud!”).

(via iPhoneDownloadBlog)