George Hotz Asks for Help

Feb 20, 2011 by

GeohotHacker extraordinaire George Hotz, currently the victim of a temporary restraining order and a lawsuit from Sony, has appealed to the media and average community members for the first time for help in his legal struggle. currently displays the words of Geohot, his battle against the international corporation Sony, who in this case, is the bully. George was sued for hacking a device he owned and paid for, and distributing what looks like a sequence of numbers and letters on the Internet. (He posted it on his site, and was sued.)

A donation button and a huge explanation cover the index along with links to his new blog. George, mastermind behind Limera1n and Blackra1n, will benefit from these donations, which would guarantee his freedom and the freedom of everyone in the community. Plus, leftover donations will be given to the EFF, who helped officially legalize jailbreaking in the US last summer.

Geohot’s site clearly shows Sony violated laws by removing custom firmwares from their devices and as George says time and time again, Sony has shown it doesn’t care about its customers (see Sony Bans PS3 Hackers for Life).