George Hotz Closes Donations… For Now

Feb 21, 2011 by

GeohotiPhone and Playstation hacker George Hotz (aka Geohot), the victim of a Sony lawsuit who recently appealed for help, has cloesd donations.

At the moment, says:

First round of donations is closed
Thank you so so much for all of your help, things are looking up money wise. Expect to see a few more lawyers on my responses!
I have enough to cover my legal fees for the time being, and in the absolute worst case scenario, we don’t want Sony getting it :-P

Maybe he had the money seized and doesn’t want the donors to know about it… who knows, it’s all speculation.

Every step of the way, no matter what happens, the community will always be in full support of George, because a victory for him is a victory for the freedoms and rights of all hackers, community members and consumers.

We wish Geohot the best and How’s My App is fully behind him in this case.

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