How Push Notifications Should’ve Been Done

Feb 27, 2011 by

Practically everybody hates Apple’s push notification system for iPhone — now, a free Cydia tweak came out, allowing for you to enjoy how push notifications should’ve been.

To be honest, after trying out this free tweak, I will never go back. This implementation of push notifications is hundreds of times better than how they were made originally and in no way would this let you accidentally leave an app. It also keeps a history (which is easily accessible) so that you may check out older notifications.

After seeing this, I have higher expectations of what Apple may include in iOS 5… let’s just hope it’s at least half as good as this.

You can download this package for free from this repository:

Please note that this is an experimental beta package and may not work as intended in some aspects.

We are not responsible for any applicable damages to your device as a result of this tweak.

Though I do recommend you get it because it is quite awesome.

Here is a concept video showing how this tweak works:

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