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Feb 19, 2011 by

Notice our redesign?

Me too.’s been a crazy year, and I’ll recap How’s My App’s short history.

Sometime in February of 2010, I decided to start a blog. I believe it was originally at the time, though it was anything but daily. From that point to April 11, I’d probably wrote four two-line app reviews, and that’s it. On April 11, I bought and actually started blogging, and that brings us to our first point — what is How’s My App’s date of creation? February or April? Contact me and let me know., I ran it alone up to October 30, 2010. I’d started out pretty active, but past July, I started doing two-three posts every month; not good. That continued up to October 30, when I asked for volunteer writers and people actually did just that — volunteer.

We were doing a good couple posts a day up until December; my writers wouldn’t write, and neither would I. That has since changed, they still aren’t writing (except for the occasional post) but I am, gradually more and more, most days, up to now, when I feel like I’m back to how I was before… [almost] writing alone.

How’s My App used to just be about app reviews, but writing about news is much more — better (for lack of a better term), and that’s why I decided to change the theme, from old review style blog designs to a much more modern style to symbolize the advancement to the future, representing news, and much more.

For those long time readers, you may wonder why we’re 2.0 instead of 3.0.

We used Blogger, and then switched to WordPress in November. And now we’ve gotten a redesign. Shouldn’t that be a 3.0?

No. Because Blogger sucks so much, it doesn’t even deserve its own version. So we’ll just call it How’s My App 0.0. Yes, it’s that bad. we are now, weeks (or at least I think) past the original creation of the concept that will become How’s My App. What do I have to say? It kinda sucks that I have to write two of these every year.

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