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My Virtual GirlfriendMy Virtual Girlfriend is a simple fun game by WET Productions Inc. easy enough but complicated enough for anyone to play available on the iOS App Store for just $0.99.


★Mentioned on Lopez Tonight!★
★ Featured Story on Kotaku ★
★Top 30 in the US and the UK★
★ Featured in 8 Countries ★

Need a date for Valentines day???
Don’t worry, we got you covered.

My Virtual Girlfriend is a (not-so-serious) fun and flirty, dating simulation game. It boasts beautiful, 3D women that rival the beauty of a playboy model and loaded with humor that conveys their own unique personalities.

The game works like a real dating website where you get to customize your companion by selecting your preferences during the match making process.
After this, you’re presented with a few choices to select from. Each girl will have a unique personality and appearance. Pick one and let the game begin!

Get to know her well if you want to make any progress with her. There are several things to do: engage in dialog and respond to her comments, share an activity together. She even responds to your touch! Careful though speedy Gonzalez… move to quick and she’ll show you the door.

As you progress with her, she will warm up to you. With each new level achieved She gets more comfortable. There will be new ways to interact, more actions you can and take things To do together.
However, do the wrong things and she will grow distant, angry and sarcasm becomes her second nature. She’ll put you in your place and if you’re not careful so don’t say you weren’t warned. If you continue to be a jerk- she will even dump you. ( What am embarrassment that would be- you’re friends will never let you live it down! )
It’s ultimately up to you to make these choices- good or bad, so choose wisely.

★ 20 + levels of progressive game play
★ A unique dating system that lets you customize your virtual girlfriend experience.
★ Hundreds of girls, Each with her own unique personality and appearance
★ Interact with her via gestures, actions, activities and by touch.
★ 100+ actions and activities you can do together.
★ Personalities that mirror typical and often funny, female behaviors.
★ 1500+ lines of Clever and funny dialog keep it entertaining.
★ 3D graphics allow you to navigate the camera for 360 degrees of viewing.
★ Universal for ipod touch, iphone and Ipad, buy one- get the other Free (ipad version is Full HD)

So you think you know women? – Well Casanova, here is your chance to prove it! Test to see if you’re true boyfriend material. Take one home today!! – ( just don’t take her to meet your mom.)

Check out the clip mentioning the game on Lopez Tonight!

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iPhone Screenshot 1

My Virtual Girlfriend is a simple game for anybody, guy (or girl) to play and enjoy!

When I first played this, I thought I wouldn’t need to care about anything since I’ve had 2 ex-girlfriends, but of course, I was wrong. I’ve always thought you had to be desperate to use this app but it actually is pretty simple and addictive. One thing about it though is that you just need to agree with the girl in most cases to get closer to her.

The graphics in-game are of seldom-quality leaning more towards the better side, but the icon of the game is an extremely pixelated version of the iTunes artwork which is a turn-off both in the App Store and in your home screen.

This comes at a perfect time – Valentine’s Day is approaching and for all of you who don’t have dates or plans, this app is certainly for you.

It’s marvelous gameplay has even attracted the attention of TV star George Lopez when this app was featured on Lopez Tonight!

iPhone Screenshot 2

Graphics: 3/5 – Slightly pixelated, that’s for sure.

UI: 4/5 – Simple and easy – anyone can figure it out!

Gameplay: 5/5 – Nothing confusing about it at all!

Creativity: 4/5 – Girlfriend simulator? Not the best, but getting it in the App Store with Uncle Steve watching, that deserves some credit.

Sound: 3/5 – There’s no catchy music sadly :(.

Controls: 4/5 – Just press and go!

Difficulty: 2/5 – To be honest, it’s not very difficult.

Longevity: 5/5 – Over twenty levels of gameplay!

Entertainment: 2/5 – Not the best, but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day!

Value: 4/5 – Great price, I mean, we’re not expecting for it to be free!

Total: 36/50 or 68% – This app may not be the most awesome app, but it can certainly boost your self-esteem this Valentine’s Day!

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