[OPINION] Apple Not Allowing OSX on PCs

Feb 5, 2011 by

Windows and Linux are universal OSes, which means that they can be installed on practically any computer, including Macs. OSX, aka Mac OSX, is different. This OS doesn’t allow installation on any computer, only Macs.

Why is this a problem for you?

Well I believe that everybody should have access to the “World’s Best Operating System,” not only the people that can afford a $1000+ hardware. It’s unfair, because Apple wants you to drain your wallet to use it instead of wasting about a Mac’s worth of revenue using OSX on a Windows.

What about Hackintoshing?

Hackintoshing is completely unstable, and I will not encourage anyone to use it. Also it is illegal to use pirated version of OSX i.e. iAtkos, iPC, iDeneb, etc.

Why should I care, I love Windows?

It’s not called the “Best Operating System” for nothing, plus it’s $29, Windows is $100+. And Windows has blue screens of death, needs defragmentation, actually has a registry, slows down after twelve minutes of use, has a bad GUI that you get sick of, and has numerous compatibility issues and is susceptible to more viruses then there are people.

Everyone deserves a great OS. I hope that one day Apple will understand.

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