3DS Hitting Shelves In Japan, R4 For Sale

Mar 1, 2011 by

Nintendo seems to be having no problem selling the 3DS in Japan.

Nintendo have sold a staggering 400,000 units so far and the number is growing! After a few days they ran out of stock and all shipments have been put on hold until they restock.

Unfortunately for Nintendo (and anti-piracy people) only a few hours after launch a hacker group developed a new R4 card, if you don’t know what an R4 is, it’s a modded DS and 3DS flashcard with an SD slot where you can store and play music, videos and pirated games.

There are no pirated 3DS games yet but the 3DS still runs DS games.

Please note: How’s My App does not support piracy and the purpose of this article is to inform, not to encourage or instruct.

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