Apple Publicly Releases iOS 4.3

Mar 11, 2011 by

The typical business with Apple is happening, their recent updates of iTunes combined with the upcoming update of iOS 4.3 to be released for public download – that time is now.

The usual warnings apply:
Don’t update if you depend on an unlock.
Don’t update if you depend on jailbreaking (although the tethered jailbreak has been discovered, waiting is recommended).
Save any and all SHSH blobs before updating.

But along with usual warnings, there’s the issue of Apple’s ASLR included in this update. The ASLR is Apple’s new “safeguard” against hackers. ASLR will cause jailbreaking your iDevice harder, so the 4.3 jailbreak isn’t expected for a while.

The recommended steps here when asked to update your device would be to press the “Download Only” button and while it’s downloading, unplug your device in case there’s any sneaky tactics Apple has prepared.

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