Google Confirms “DroidDream” Malware Pulled From Phones

Mar 7, 2011 by

Google has offically annouced that they have removed all DroidDream malware apps from their phones by using their “kill-switch”.

If you own an Android device don’t worry, this malware was only for people who were still on Android version 2.2.2 or earlier, if you were on Android 2.2.2 and below, then I would advise you to download an anti-virus program only once  (you can remove it after), such as Doctor Web or AVG and scan all files. When that is completed you can then uninstall the anti-virus client. If a malicious application is detected then follow the on-screen instructions.

When you agree to the Android Market terms of service, you agree that they can pull illegal or “infected” apps from your phone without warning. This is handy so don’t be worried, they only do it with infected apps and they won’t see what other apps are on your phone. Google has said that they will continue to remove malware infected apps from people’s phones once they connect to either Wi-Fi or their mobile internet.

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