How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3 (Tethered) on iPhone 4, iPad 1 and iPod Touch 4

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Ultrasn0w does not work on 4.3, so even if you preserve your baseband you will not be able to unlock. If you require an unlock stay where you are until Ultrasn0w is updated.

First, download the latest beta of Sn0wbreeze from here (notice how it is labelled “beta”, do this at your own risk)
and the 4.3 firmware file for your device.

iPhone 4
iPod Touch 4G

Once you’ve downloaded what you need, save the files to your desktop or somewhere you’ll be able to find easily.

Open Sn0wbreeze and select your device’s firmware file when prompted.

On the next screen select which mode you’d like.

Preserve baseband just does that, it won’t jailbreak or unlock your iPhone

Simple mode installs common and recommended packages

Expert mode lets you choose exactly what you want.

Select Expert mode and click on the “general” button and then the blue arrow. On the first screen, select which SpringBoard mods you’d like, and also whether or not you’d like to be hacktivated. If you own an official SIM card do not select this option, make sure it is unticked. Select the size you’d like to make the root partition, I usually set it to 800MB. Once you’ve made your choices click the blue arrow.

On the next screen you can choose some packages to be added to the IPSW, I recommend you leave this blank and just click the blue arrow.

After that, click the “Build IPSW” box and then the blue arrow again to begin building your custom firmware. Select “No Thanks, I’ll stick to the spinner” when asked if you’d like to play PacMan. As this is a beta you’ll want to try as few useless things as possible.

Once the IPSW is made, you’ll notice the custom firmware has been placed on your desktop.

Follow the instructions in Sn0wbreeze to put your iPhone in PwnedDFU mode.

Open iTunes and while holding the shift key, click on “restore”, and select the custom firmware Sn0wbreeze made. It will have sn0wbreeze in the file name, make sure you select that one and not the original.

Once your device has restored to 4.3, you’ll notice that Cydia won’t open. This is normal and part of having a tethered jailbreak. To fix this, open up the other folder Sn0wbreeze placed on your desktop, called iBooty. Select your device and follow the instructions to boot your device into a working mode. Cydia will now open. As this is a tethered jailbreak you’ll need to do this everytime you power cycle your device, so this jailbreak is not for everyone.

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