iOS 4.3 to be Released on the 11th of March

Mar 5, 2011 by

At the recent Apple event on the 2nd of March, as well as launching the new iPad 2, they came up with a new iPhone software update, iOS 4.3. This update improves AirPlay, that came to iPhone with 4.2.1. Now you can stream video or audio to your Apple TV, AirPort Express etc.

They also added iTunes home sharing for iPhone and iPod Touch. This means that you can listen to your music anywhere in your house or workplace, streaming straight from your computer to your iDevice. Home sharing had been available only for Apple TV and Macs before this.

The update also comes with a great Safari improvement. Apple has added the Nitro Javascript engine for MobileSafari on iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch. This Javascript engine was originally used on the Safari browser on the Mac computer, now Apple has brought it to iDevices.

After all of this, I’m sad to say, that the iOS 4.3 update covers only third and fourth generation iPhones and iPod touches, as well as both of the iPads. So, if you have an iPod touch or iPhone either first or second generation, all you can do is stick with the older version of iOS, iOS 4.2.1. iOS 4.3 will be launched in iTunes on the 11th of March.

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