Minecraft — What it is, and why you should play it

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Heard of Minecraft? Well, one million+ people have, time you should too!

Minecraft, a wonderful world filled with happiness, pigs and cows; well, until it turns dark.

A little about Minecraft

  • Minecraft was made by only one person, Marcus Persson. The game is considered “indie” meaning independent.
  • The game is written in Java.
  • It generates a completely random world every time you make a new save, meaning no one ever gets the same map.
  • Along with the completely random map generation, the game has the ability to generate a world three times the size of Earth!
  • The game includes biomes, meaning that there’s snowy wonderland regions or sandy deserts.
  • Crafting! By collecting resources, i.e. wood, you can create tools and objects to use in your travels.
  • Updates nearly weekly, (depends though). Sometimes there’s the “Secret Friday Update”, when Notch adds brand new features to the game.
  • The game works on nearly all major operating systems, Mac, Windows, Linux.
  • So far, more than one million people bought a copy of the game, ONE MILLION!
  • Minecraft is currently in beta, it just went from Alpha.
  • Notch will continue to develop Minecraft and update it after it is finished.

The look and feel of Minecraft

When you first play Minecraft you’re going to wonder why would anyone play a game with such old 8-bit blocky graphics. I always tell people when I play this game that the pixel-block graphics make the game what it is today. It brings an atmosphere that only Minecraft can pull off. The genius of bringing 8-bit blocks into a 3D landscape is simply one of the best things about the game! The game can generate beautiful landscapes that defy gravity or plummet to the ground when disturbed. The code that controls the weather making it snow or (soon) rain. From the deserts to the forests, islands to continents. This game has it all!

Surviving your first night in the world of Minecraft

Okay, you’re going to ask:  “Why would I need a stupid guide for ‘surviving’ Minecraft? It mustn’t be too hard.” Think again. Yeah, Minecraft — pretty landscapes, nice mountains, clean waters and all. When it’s night in Minecraft it’s like trying to drive a car whilst eating ice cream and being on the phone. Yeah, trust me, that’s hard.


You can easily find good tutorials on YouTube, but I prefer looking at the let’s plays! Look at X’s Adventures In Minecraft. They are in my opinion the best tutorials as he goes into Minecraft basically blind. Go check him out!

Tips Every Minecraftian MUST Know:

1. Above all else, never… ever dig below you!

2. Don’t hold a bucket of lava and right-click. Just don’t…

3. Don’t go outside at nighttime without any of these (A) Sword (B) Bow and Arrows (C) Wolf.

4. TNT ISN’T the best way to clear out land.

5. Don’t hug a creeper.

6. Don’t go into a cave without a full stack of dirt so you can climb back out if the entrance is above you.

7. You can only fall three blocks without taking damage.

8. Don’t hurt a wild wolf.

9. Putting water in on both sides of a 2×2 hole creates an infinite spring which is extremely handy when working with water.

10. Don’t take the game seriously! Have a laugh!

How To Set Up A Minecraft SMP Server without port forwarding:

What you’ll need:

  • Hamachi
  • A powerful computer with a FAST internet connection
  • Minecraft Premium Account

1. First download and install Hamachi.

2. Download the Minecraft survival multiplayer server software from Minecraft.net.

3. Make a folder named whatever you want maybe “My Minecraft Server.”

4. Put the Server Software into the folder.

5. Open The Minecraft server software once then close it again once it had fully loaded up.

6. Open Hamachi and power it up.

7. Click create a network and fill in the name of the network and the password make sure to write these down as these are the details you will be giving anyone you want to connect.

8. Leave Hamachi running and open the Minecraft server folder only don’t open the software.

9. Use Notepad to open server.properties.

10. Once server.properties is open in notepad go to Hamachi and copy the IP address that is shown on Windows it should look something like “8.x.x.x”.

11. Copy the IP address and go back to server.properties and under where it says “server-ip:” paste after the “:”

12. Now save the server.properties file and exit Notepad.

13. Now turn on Minecraft server software, keep on Hamachi and open Minecraft.exe (the game) log in and when you’re at the home screen click on “Multiplayer” and type in the Hamachi IP as you used in server.properties and click enter!

14. You should now have a working Minecraft Server without the hassle of port forwarding!

Now what if you want to have you friends join you?

1. They also need Hamachi and a Minecraft premium account.

2. When they install Hamachi and power it on, instead of creating a network tell them to join a network and use the network name and password you used when you created your Minecraft Hamachi network.

3. Tell them to then type in the Hamachi IP you used in your Minecraft server into their game in Minecraft under multiplayer.

4. Click connect and they should be in your world with you!

Have fun with Minecraft! I hope this article will encourage you that you should buy Minecraft! Support Mojang!

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