The GPH Caanoo, and why YOU need one

Mar 15, 2011 by

South Korea based technology company GamePark Holdings has released the third generation of their open-source handheld consoles. The small company has focused for many years on reigniting peoples passion for old games by manufacturing handheld consoles made almost exclusively for emulation. Their latest creation is called the Caanoo, its predecessors the GP2X and Wiz were met with modest success, but thanks to a plethora of exciting new features, this handheld is assured success amongst retro gaming fans, and here are the reasons why YOU need one.

1. Look and Feel

As far as aesthetics and ergonomics are concerned, the Caanoo is godly, on top of the touch screen and tilt-sensors, the Caanoo boasts finely polished surfaces and indented buttons that fit your hand better than a glove. You won’t want to put this thing down, even after the battery has run dry.

2. Games

For retro gaming fans like myself, this is an ideal solution, entirely free from the usual hassle of downloading and configuring complex emulators. Simply visit, grab an emulator written by a dedicated community, specially for your device, and sink your teeth into the thousands of games available via the internet. Whether it be anything from a well known classic, to an unheard of rarity, you can enjoy it on this.

3. Backwards & Sideways Compatibility

Thanks to a great community made program called GINGE, it is not only possible, but very easy indeed to run applications written for older GPH devices, and many other things. Emulators and applications that will never make their way to the Caanoo can be enjoyed at a moments notice with very little hassle.

4. Openness

Thanks to its great Linux based OS, this device lets you experience all the open source, tweak-happy joy you always wished you could experience on a handheld. Change the GUI, write great applications, install tweaks, and generally make the device your own.

In Conclusion

GPH and a few other companies have been making great devices like the Caanoo for some time, but no other device can quite measure up to it in terms of polish, ease of use or value for money. There has never been a better time to get your hands on a handheld console, and with every man women and child on the planet owning a PSP or a DS, why not break the mould and go with something a little more old-school?

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