What I Love About And Hate About Android

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Android is Google’s own mobile operating system that was released shortly after Apple’s iPhone. The differences being; Android is open source and can run on multple phones while iOS runs on only the iPhone and iPod Touch but is not open source.

Some people believe Android is top-notch while others say the same but about iOS. So here I am giving you my top five things I LOVE about Android and the only thing I HATE about Android. Enjoy!

Things I LOVE!

1. The great community! When it comes to Android, the people who support you and are really nice and always there to help you in someway. An example: LG stopped releasing updates from my Android phone, like Apple did to my iPod. But I went onto Android forums and found a very helpful person. He had created custom versions of the latest Android operating system to suit my phone! (These custom firmwares are called CyanogenMod) He made an application that automatically updated my phone. Now I have Android Gingerbread (2.3) running smoothly on my phone thanks to the great community. People might say there’s a great community in iOS, but tell me this: Why did Geohot leave again?

2. Don’t like the look of your phone? That fine! Just install a new launcher! Yes. Android can be completely rearranged to look the way you want it to! An example would be the normal Android launcher with GO Launcher available in the market. GO Launcher can completely change the look and feel of you phone. Down to screen transitions and widgets. The market has great applications that let you customize you’re phone without damaging anything! Oh did I mention? Did you’re phone come with a crappy built-in keyboard that sucks so bad that you couldn’t use you’re phone? Don’t fret. Android lets you’re change your keyboard to something entirely funky with the Android Market you can get hundreds of different keyboards. There’s bound to be one you like.

3. I’ve got the freedom to do what I like. No need to “jailbreak.”

4. “Hmm… I don’t like this phone …or this one. Ah but I really want this one but it doesn’t have Android. Wait. It does!”  There are tons of different phones to choose from on Android! From the Nexus to the HTC, all support Android. You’re not stuck with one phone like iOS.

5. Thousands of useful apps! Yes, there are apps on iOS that are useful to but seriously, not the ones in Cydia. I’m talking ones that don’t need a jailbreak or as we call it, a “root.” An example would be AirSync that is an add-on to the great music player DoubleTwist (Which is FREE). AirSync does what you might think it does. It syncs your music from the desktop application of DoubleTwist and syncs wirelessly onto your phone without any hassle! Yes there is a application on iOS that can do this but you need to be jailbroken while with AirSync you don’t have to be! Another GREAT feature of DoubleTwist is that if you already have an iTunes libary it imports your iTunes content (playlists, songs, cover art and even ratings) to your phone!

The Only Thing I HATE

Slow phone start-ups! But they can be easily solved! When you turn-on you’re phone, Android automatically lets apps run on startup if they need to be run once on startup. That’s fine with me but sometimes these apps that are loading can slow down you’re phone. All you need to fix this is a kill all apps widget from the market! I use “Advanced Task Killer.”

Okay, people have a lot of  “problems” with Android. Here’s one — “Android has viruses.” No. It might have the occasional virus but it’s nothing to stop you not getting an Android. If there is a virus, Google will come out with a fix in no time! It’s not any trouble keeping an antivirus like Doctor Web on your phone now is it?

So please people. Stop fretting over silly “iOS FTW” signs. Now tell me. Who will win?

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