Why The Dickbar is Excusable

Mar 12, 2011 by

QuickbarOkay, so you hate the Dickbar. What else is new?

So it’s a pain in the dick, but here are some reasons why the Dickbar is excusable.

Take into account this: go to twitter.com.

Do you see any advertisements? No. On an almost daily basis, people are complaining about how Twitter is down. Twitter is one of the most visited websites in the world. Without advertisements, how is it supposed to purchase more servers, if not maintain them?

Some would argue that promoted tweets and trends are advertisements. They are, first of all, non-intrusive, so we just ruled out all possibility of it being an ad. Furthermore, they seldom appear, in fact, you can go a week without seeing one.

In addition to that, Twitter has its API for developers to code their own Twitter-based applications — many of which have advertisements. For those, I think it’s safe to say some developers earn more from Twitter app ads than Twitter does from sponsored tweets and trends.

It’s not like the Dickbar is a solid strip of advertisements either, they mostly show legitimate trends with the occasional promoted trend, though it’s no secret that the only reason for the Dickbar’s existence is the promoted trend.

I conclude with this, the Dickbar makes promoted trends appeal to developers just a tad more. Let Twitter make some more money, if not an actual profit.

You can excuse the Dickbar for all of Twitter’s hard work.

Call it a Quickbar.

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