Argon [Theme Review]

Apr 12, 2011 by

Argon HD/SD:  a whole new style in theming.

I myself was getting tired of the same style in every theme coming out: “glossy,” “shiny,” and worst of all, most new themes have “masked pictures.” I’m not saying they are ugly, just saying they get old.

I found out this new theme Anthony Locket released, I was impressed. He broke the mold!

This theme has a very unique style, that will reveal the potential of your device’s display.

Argon is a very beautiful theme that is based on its icons. What I mean by this is that the icons and the UI are the same. This is good, because of this the theme looks very well together.

Argon includes a customizable animated Lockscreen, and a customizable animated weather widget, both go very well with the concept of the theme.

Color Mods for this theme are also available in Cydia. Color Mods are available in red, purple, pink, orange, and white.

I highly recommend buying a copy of this theme on Cydia or Theme it. It will give a unique style to your device that will impress your friends.

Argon is available on Cydia or Theme it for $3.00 USD.



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