revi-krs Theme Review

Apr 23, 2011 by

Screenshotrevi-krs is a clean and simple theme available on Cydia for $2.00 or Theme it for $2.40.

What separates this theme from almost every other complete theme available, is that revi-krs is not overdone. Most other themes theme every single element of your SpringBoard to look the least from how Apple did it that you can barely use your device.

Let’s be honest, how many of us bought a theme just to find out that we can’t even remotely use our device because of it? Or that we couldn’t even recognize our device?

ScreenshotThis theme is different, because the artist behind it didn’t set out to change how everything looks, he set out to make it look good.

From the first time that I had looked at a revi-krs screenshot, I knew this theme was good, and to be honest, everything is themed, but in a good way. The weather widget is beautiful, there’s no denying that. The way the theme tells you the time and date is close to genius, the way the colours in the theme match are beautiful.

In fact, this may be one of the best themes I have ever tried. That’s why I had placed revi-krs into the Noteworthy Themes section of Theme Centre to be featured on the site for two weeks after Theme Centre is launched on May 1.

This theme is certainly unique, and is totally worth its low price of $2.00.

Total: 5/5. Way to go, Chris!

Available on Cydia [SD]


Available on Cydia [HD]


Available on Theme it