Vista users denied Internet Explorer 10 (not that they wanted it)

Apr 13, 2011 by

IE 10 Preview

Shortly after the release of the newest installment of Internet Explorer (March 14), Microsoft introduced a platform preview of their latest Internet Explorer — IE 10. Tuesday April 13 brought with it the first look at IE 10, a browser no one wants, and a day later, like a kick to the balls, they announce Vista users will nto be supported in Internet Explorer 10.

The Internet Explorer Platform Preview requires Windows 7 (x86 or x64) Operating System. Platform Preview 4 and later require updates to be installed on Windows 7 systems, after which your computer will require a restart.

With the last support for Windows XP in Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft explains its dropping of Windows XP as moving forward with technological advancements, something which they can not do with Windows Vista (and I agree with, they really did a poor job on that).

Rest assured, it won’t affect you; it’s not like you’re one of the two people anticipating Internet Explorer 10.

(via Neowin)