Google — new WebGL globe

May 10, 2011 by

Google has published a new globe using WebGL technology. This new globe can show you where in the world Google is used the most and with what language they are searched with. The globe only shows you the searches on a certain day, but it provides you with an idea regarding where Google is used the most.

The “search globe” looks and works like Google Earth in that you can drag and zoom with your mouse. It shows the searches not in numbers but in poles, located around the world, such as London and New York have very long poles compared to some small towns elsewhere in the world.

The search globe uses new WebGL technology, which doesn’t work on the older browsers, but will work on Mozilla Firefox 4 and Google Chrome.

For now, you may use Chrome or Firefox 4 or some other modern browser to access the globe. You may find it here.

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