Suicide at Foxconn following an “anti-suicide” pledge

May 26, 2011 by

FoxconnFollowing the Foxconn iPad 2 factory explosion on May 20, everything has been a media crisis for Foxconn and Apple.

The explosion that has claimed three lives and injured many more has exposed many cost-cutting measures that have been taken that risked the safety and health of the factory’s workers.

Since then, a twenty-year-old worker jumped out of the building in the factory, most likely voluntarily.

This was the first reported suicide since an “anti-suicide” pledge has taken place, and [at least] the fifteenth suicide in the last sixteen months.

This allegedly mandatory pledge states that if workers attempt to commit suicide, minimal compensation shall be given to relatives.

Working conditions at Foxconn factories have been revealed to be horrific, yet minimal-to-none action has been taken by either Foxconn and Apple, or respective authorities.

Cost-cutting and penny-pinching does not solve everything, that is a lesson that large corporations need to learn (and most likely never will).

(via Cult of Mac)