[TechSpheria Exclusive] In-depth preview of Lima

May 3, 2011 by

The following article is a TechSpheria exclusive and has been published here first.

LimaThis new video of the Lima browser-based Debian APT packaging front-end for jailbroken iPhones has brought with it an exclusive look at some spectacular features of Lima.

A GUI for installed packages has been added and indeed looks nice with a depiction showing more information as well as the ability to reinstall or remove the package and that is used to remove Five Icon Switcher.

The search feature is also displayed, where the developer, iPwnm0nster searches “Safari” and installs Pull to Refresh for Safari.

After successfully respringing the device, he opens Lima again and tries out Pull to Refresh for Safari, proving the installation successful.

The Infini-Dev Team are also in the process of implementing a backups system, for all those who refuse to use terminal and would prefer a GUI!

That’s all for this video. Lima development is certainly going well; maybe we can see a release somewhere in the near future?

Congratulations to the Infini-Dev Team and all their hard work, and good luck!

Here is the exclusive video courtesy of iPwnm0nster: