Use of Wi-Fi to be banned in European schools?

May 24, 2011 by

Wi-FiWi-Fi, an essential tool for today’s digital age, is at risk of being banned in European schools. The advocates of this notion, the Council of Europe, cites potential health risks as the reason Wi-Fi should not be allowed.

Everyone is aware that cell phones (according to some studies) may be harmful to humans, but the Council of Europe seems to think this may apply to Wi-Fi as well. In fact, they believe that Wi-Fi signals are as dangerous as smoking.

Technology is all around us, perhaps accelerated by Wi-Fi. This notion is definitely a step backwards and is preposterous. Besides, we haven’t even cleared up the previous step, which is defining rules and appropriate uses for electronic devices at schools; we needn’t get too ahead of ourselves.

(via Neowin)