IllumineHaz3-HD Theme Review

Jun 1, 2011 by

IllumineHaz3-HD is my favorite theme.  It is a dark theme, but is very different from other iHaz3 themes in respect to the half-sized icons. There is a silver lining to the icons, giving the theme a lighter look.  IllumineHaz3-HD is the perfect balance of light and dark.

I myself have used this theme since the day iHaz3 gave it to me.  I have known iHaz3 since the days of BlackHaz3-HD’s development, and in that period of time, I have learned that he is a great guy, and you’ll never find a more generous man than him.  I also believe that he is extraordinarily skilled in iOS theming.  I have loved every single one of his themes, which are BlackHaz3-HD, SilverHaz3-HD, MystiqueHaz3-HD, and now IllumineHaz3-HD.  He also always keeps his themes updated, and although very few elements of this theme need any improvement, he will continue to work and make IllumineHaz3-HD better and compatible on future iOS updates.

This theme is complete with a ColorKeyboard theme, an SBSettings theme, a feed widget, a gorgeous SpringBoard weather widget, a lockscreen photo widget and a SpringBoard photo slideshow widget (iPad only).  IllumineHaz3-HD for iPhone is compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 and iPod Touch 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation, and works on iOS 4.1 and above.  It is available on Cydia only for a mere price of $2.29.

IllumineHaz3 for iPad supports any iPad running iOS 3.2.2 and above and is also available only in Cydia for $2.29.  Both versions of the theme are well worth the price, and the money will support iHaz3’s future themes and his upcoming iOS Twitter client, TwitPanic.

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