PinstripeHD Theme Review

Jun 22, 2011 by

PinstripeHD is a theme that totally takes over your iOS device.  It truly is a work of art, and in my opinion, Ecko666 has done an incredible job.  It is a red and silver based theme that is absolutely stunning.  It has a gorgeous homescreen layout that makes half the screen your icons and the other half a time of day widget, a weather widget, and a clock widget.

It also comes with an SBSettings theme, a SnowCover4 theme, 6 PerPageHTML+ widgets, and an incredible animated lockscreen, the best I’ve ever seen.

This theme is still in beta testing which means there’s much more to come.  There is no set ETA, but it should be released in the near future, and due to the fact that it is still in beta testing, there is no set price or list of compatible devices or iOS versions.

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