Power of the PDF – Newest developments of JailbreakMe.com

Jun 12, 2011 by

As you may know, the two incarnations of JailbreakMe have been unique in the way that the entire jailbreak process takes place on the device. Without needing a computer, these jailbreaks were very quick and easy. Star by iPhone hacker Comex was known as the reincarnation of JailbreakMe and was accomplished with a payload in a PDF file, then exploited in MobileSafari.

The newly updated JailbreakMe.com shows a quite random image of a ski hill. The interesting thing is the sign posted on one of the trees. This sign displays two symbols then reads “PDF”, possibly referring to an upcoming PDF exploit for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

If Comex indeed has an exploit and jailbreak, it is most likely to be released after iOS 5 debuts in the fall so that Apple cannot patch this while the software is still in the beta stage. Let’s hope something good will come from this, as Comex did call it a “teaser” on his Twitter then linked to the site.

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