Telus (Canada) waiving activation fee until June 30

Jun 20, 2011 by

TelusTelus, a Canadian carrier, is waiving their $35 activation fee for new plans until June 30th.

This promotion is only for monthly plans on 1-3 year terms and only the following plans are eligible:

  • iPhone Clear Choice — $50
  • iPhone Clear Choice Flex — $65
  • iPhone Clear Choice — $100
  • Voice & Data Flex — $55

The discount will be applied as a credit to the user’s first or second invoice.

Personally, I believe Canadian carriers overcharge massively for iPhone plans, offering almost no data and about an hour of minutes for a price which can purchase an entire new iPhone in a few months.

Kudos to Telus for this; though I feel this should be permanent. If you want new customers, don’t charge them to start paying you.

(via iPhoneinCanada)