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the collection is a new monthly appazine that helps you stay connected with the world around you with media-filled news articles documenting global topics and an interactive interface to make reading it fun. It is available at the touch of your fingers for iPad users.

In today’s high-tech everchanging world, being up-to-date with what’s going on around you is absolutely vital, and that’s where the collection comes in.

The Collection makes all this information and knowledge available with the tap of your finger for iPad users, letting them flip through and read whatever they want with ease and speed.

Periodical magazines/appazines such as The Collection provide more in-depth knowledge than traditional news providers, as they offer a more detailed and collected account of stories.

The current issue of The Collection is “The Global Baby,” which documents an American family’s journey to enlarge their family through the practice of surrogacy. This piece provides an amazing look into what makes this world, and humans great — the magic of child birth.

iPad users can download this app now from the App Store and you can also check out its website.

Readers are also encouraged to download the application and let the developers know your thoughts on their application.

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