Why you shouldn’t hate Windows

Jun 22, 2011 by

No, I’m not saying I love Windows. In fact, if iTunes supported Linux I would have never used it.  Many Apple and Linux users persecute Windows for reasons that truly aren’t fair. Here I will list the top reasons Windows “sucks” and why the statement is false.

Reason 1: “Windows has too much bloatware.”

False, your PC comes with too much bloatware. This is NOT Microsoft’s fault because it is the third party manufacturers and retailers that add the junk. One notable perpetrator is HP. Sometimes with upwards of 5-10 GB of useless HP games, apps and documentation, it is fairly easy to see why one may blame Windows. As the majority of Windows PCs are from third-parties and that HP is the leading PC manufacturer, many will judge Windows based on the modifications HP or another company makes to the operating system.

Reason 2: “Windows is slow.”

False, bloatware and aging registries are slow. Windows is in fact very fast. However pre-loaded software is the Achilles of Windows performance, as mentioned in the previous section. Over the course of anywhere from a few months to many years (depending on how well you take care of your PC) your registry will slow the PC down. However, good systematic check-ups will prevent this.

Reason 3: “Well, a good PC shouldn’t slow down over such a short time.”

False, A good PC owner shouldn’t allow their PC to slow down over such a short amount of time. Yes, Windows may need more housekeeping than Linux or Mac OS, but Windows upkeep is not that difficult. Every month, devote 1 hour to 2 hours of your time to defragmenting your hard disk, running disk clean up, virus scans and deleting old programs and files. A well-kept Windows system will live to function and satisfy as long as you care to keep it that way.

Reason 4: “Windows doesn’t play nice with my iPod/iPhone/iPad.”

True, but a terrible reason. Hell, does your PlayStation controller work with your Xbox? How about your copy of Final Cut Pro for your iBook? You are lucky both companies (Apple and Microsoft) attempt to satisfy users of both platforms. This argument is similar to one you may make like, “The middle click button on my Logitech mouse doesn’t work on my Mac.” Compatibility is either a product’s strong point or it’s weak one.

Reason 5: “Windows doesn’t provide a good developing platform.”

False, you are much too mesmerized by the greatness of Xcode. While Apple may have Microsoft beat at the IDE, C++ ultimately subjugates Apple’s Objective-C by being easily the most stable and reliable programming languages to date. This was even determined by Google in a special report. C++ opens doors to games, webOS, Linux, Windows Phone and Windows development. Objective-C however, will pretty much only get you iOS and Mac OS. Windows has a wide variety of localhost servers to allow for PHP and SQL use, as well as installable Python and Ruby libraries. Both platforms provide a great Java development opportunity with Eclipse.

Please feel free to respond with your agreements or arguments in the comments below this post.

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