Comex leaves message on JailbreakMe testers’ page

Jul 2, 2011 by


Following the leak of JailbreakMe 3.0 for iPad 2s, comex has appeared to have left a comment regarding this matter on (which shows to be registered in comex’s parents’ names). Whether this message is for his beta testers or for the sneaky member of the general public is unknown but this message says:

So you found it.  Congratulations.  Was it worth it?

(email me.)

This message would sadden any member of the jailbreak community; who would do this to such an admirable figure?

You may find this message at or You are welcome to do a whois lookup on to verify that this domain name is indeed owned by comex’s parents.

UPDATE 1: I guess this verifies the leak’s validity to a certain extent. Once again, we urge that you do not use this leaked jailbreak respect for comex and knowledge that this is a beta and may not work as expected.