Facebook accounts for at least 1% of JailbreakMe.com traffic

Jul 8, 2011 by


According to prominent iOS developer chpwn, about 1% of all of JailbreakMe.com’s traffic comes from Facebook, thanks to users sharing the jailbreak to their friends.

Right now, Facebook is the source of less than 1% of JailbreakMe traffic. Help that that number up: share it with your friends!

When chpwn first stated that JailbreakMe jailbroke 500 000 devices, he said the site had 1 000 000 hits. If the pattern were to continue, if 1 000 000 devices (at last report) were jailbroken with JailbreakMe, the site should’ve accumulated 2 000 000 hits. 1% of 2 000 000 is 20 000. Therefore, it would be a valid assumption to say that 20 000 hits to JailbreakMe.com came from Facebook. Quite a small number if you think about it; especially considering the source is Facebook. I guess the jailbreak community is and always will be Twitter-based.