reviDX Theme Review

Jul 9, 2011 by

reviDX LockscreenI remember when I reviewed reviDX’s predecessor revi-krs. I gave the theme a 5/5 perfect score and I remember thinking to myself that no other theme could ever compare to revi-krs. I was wrong.

reviDX could be called a revamped revi-krs, one that is much more advanced and polished, more clean and beautiful. Though I have been desensitized to revi themes, in a sense, because I sported revi-krs for months, I still believe this theme is beautiful.

Once again, I’m going to bring up an argument I discuss a lot in my theme reviews, and that is how most themes are overdone. When I get emails from Theme it alerting me to new themes, I look upon most of them with disgust. “Why would I ever spend money on this?” I ask myself when looking through most of them. Those overdone themes not only ruin the simplistic touch-and-go feel of iOS, but are an eyesore to look at for extended periods of time.

reviDX is not that. If any of you have ever tried revi-krs, you would’ve fallen in love with reviDX before you ever saw a screenshot. In fact, people loved revi-krs so much it was (and still is) the most nominated theme in Theme Centre, and a favourite theme in the now defunct Theme Centre forums. There’s no doubting that revi themes are beast, but let’s take a closer look into reviDX.

reviDX Homescreen

The widgets on the lockscreen and the homescreen are very similar. Themes do need consistency after all. One of the things that made revi-krs great were its widgets, and KrsChris has outdone himself this time with the reviDX widget, which believe it or not, was superior to that of revi-krs.

reviDX Start Up

reviDX also has an awesome start up image, with three bars (yellow, blue and orange) which are used throughout the theme as loading images. +1 for consistency!

reviDX Settings

Look at reviDX’s UI images, beautifullt demonstrated through the Settings app. One pet peeve of mine is that many overdone themes have annoying backgrounds in replacement of the pinstripes for their UI images. Those were really, really annoying to look at. That’s why reviDX earns full points for UI images. Beautiful and elegant.

reviDX Calculator

The calculator is a feature most themers take fairly seriously (even though I never use it). Looks like I will use it, from the looks of this beautifully themed calculator.

All in all, reviDX is amazing, and I don’t have many issues with it (less issues than I do with other themes). Once again, for all of Chris’s work, I rate this theme 5/5, and recommend you buy it right now (especially if you have not yet been enlightened by revi-krs). Seriously. This theme is available on Cydia for $2 and Theme it for $2.40.