m22 HD Theme Review

Aug 27, 2011 by

Give your iOS device an awesome new look with m22 HD by Rickym22.

This beautiful new theme features a complete UI overhaul with a warm white texture, which looks beautiful on both white iPhone 4s and black iPhone 4s. m22 HD also features HD loading screens, custom to every stock app, and some Cydia apps. A wonderful part of this themes are the icons, each custom (not mask) and detailed to the last pixel. SBSettings was not left behind with a simply amazing skin with the same warm white texture as the rest of the theme.

Did I mention the widgets? Well the widgets are simply perfect, coded by the infamous DacalMe, coder of the widgets for revi-krs and reviDX. These widgets include a frame for a wallpaper, weather, date and time.

This is sounding really cool by now huh? Not convinced? Check out these screenshots!

Amazing right? I thought so too.

You can purchase this theme on Theme it or Cydia for $1.99. Make sure to follow Rickym22 on Twitter for updates on the theme (and the dark version!).

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