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Net10 is currently offering a wild deal — $50 for unlimited talk, text AND data, nationwide — that’s right. All across the United States.

Along with offering such an amazing price, they do not tie you to contracts, they do not make surprise charges, and they don’t do credit checks on their customers, which is more than can be said about most carriers.

Net10 offers the hottest phones from the most trustworthy manufacturers, such as Motorola, LG, Samsung, Nokia and Kyocera!

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Unlimited plans are being killed off by carriers everywhere, leaving many users both disconnected from what’s going on and with heavy, large bills. Essential business matters are taking place on the go, more often than not, so choose a plan that is flexible enough for your business needs.

If you don’t feel you need all that the unlimited plans have to offer, Net10 offers a variety of plans starting at $15 for 200 minutes, which is still a great offer.

If you sign up for a pay-as-you-go plan, your minutes carry over, with airtime that can be purchased on their website, through your phone, or at stores.

What’s more, you can switch plans with ease without the hassle of additional fees!

Plans enable long distance calls to 75 countries, starting at just 15 cents a minute and you can receive a number for Canada and Mexico allowing people there to call you locally at that number!

Net10 offers a great selection of talk and text phones for under $15 with smartphones for under $60!

If you don’t see the Light, see what a real NET10 customer has to say.

As well, you can follow and like Net10 at:!/Net10_Wireless

Here’s 10 reason to switch to Net10:

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